Fees & Rates
---->Travel outside OC > $35 one-time fee
---->Entrance or Parking Fees >Exact amount
---->Half Hour Character Appearances (1 performer) within Orange County > $85
---->Half Hour Character Appearances (1 performer) outside Orange County > $105
---->Assistants (if not in your chosen package) > $90 an hour


Basic Activity Packages (1 Performer)
--->Package C: Character Appearance > $90 an hour
--->Package C1: Character & Cheek Art > $110 an hour
--->Package C2: Character & Basic Face Paint > $110 an hour
--->Package C3: Character & Simple Balloons > $110 an hour
--->Package C4: Character, Cheek Art & Simple Balloons > $110 an hour
--->Package C5: Character, Basic Face Paint & Simple Balloons > $110 an hour
--->Package C6: Character, Cheek Art & Glitter Tattoos > $110 an hour
--->Package C7: Character, Basic Face Paint & Glitter Tattoos > $110 an hour
--->Package C8: Character, Cheek Art & Outdoor Games > $110 an hour
--->Package C9: Character, Arts & Crafts and Outdoor Games > $110 an hour
(please inquire for options and limitations/please inquire for a list of games offered)

Specialty Artist Activity Packages (1 Performer/NO characters/Outlets Required)
--->Package A: Airbrush Arm/Leg Art > $125 an hour
--->Package A1: Airbrush Arm/Leg Art & Simple-Detailed balloons > $150 an hour
--->Package A2: Airbrush Arm/Leg Art & Glitter Tattoos > $150 an hour
--->Package M: Magic Show > $125 an hour
--->Package M1: Magic Show and Basic Face painting > $150 an hour
--->Package M2: Magic Show and Simple Balloon Twisting > $150 an hour
--->Package G: Guitar, Music Toys, Sing-Alongs and Story Time > $125 an hour
--->Package G1: Guitar, Music Toys, Sing-Alongs, Parachute Play & Story Time > $125 an hour
--->Package G2: Guitar, Music Toys, Sing-Alongs, Parachute Play & Bubbles > $125 an hour
--->Package G3: Guitar, Music Toys, Sing-Alongs, Parachute Play & Cheek Art > $125 an hour
--->Package G4: Guitar, Music Toys, Sing-Alongs, Cheek Art & Simple Balloons > $150 an hour
--->Package G5: Guitar, Music Toys, Sing-Alongs, Cheek Art & Bubbles > $150 an hour

Non-Character Activity Event Pay Per Face Option Pricing (1 Performer/NO Characters)
--->Guests pay $3-$5 per design (Face Paint or Glitter Tattoos only)

Non-Character Activity Ala Carte Hourly Pricing (1 Performer/NO Characters)
--->Package 1 --- Basic Face Paint > $90 an hour
--->Package 2 --- Detailed Face Paint > $110 an hour
--->Package 3 --- Twisted Balloons > $90 an hour
--->Package 4 --- Detailed Twisted Balloons > $110 an hour
--->Package 5 --- Basic Face Paint & Twisted Balloons > $110 an hour
--->Package 6 --- Cheek art & Twisted Balloons > $110 an hour
---> Package 7 --- Assistants are an additional $90 an hour if not in your chosen package.

📌Please note: For large parties, if you would like full face paint (whether basic or detailed), a minimum 1.5 hours is required if you only reserve 1 performer - or we may recommend having 2 performers. For smaller parties, Cheek Art and Any type of Balloons may be done in 1 hour.

📌Assistants can be reserved for an additional fee as described below, to help with line control or photos, or they can be an additional face painter, additional glitter tattoo artist, additional simple balloon artist or help with games.

📌Guests may get 1 Face Paint or 1 Face Paint & 1 Balloon each. Guests may receive up to 2 replacements for popped balloons). The average number of people that can be accommodated is 15 -30 face paint an hour or 40-50 balloons an hour.

📌To see pictures of Costumed characters, please click here

📌OVERTIME IS NOT GUARANTEED** Overtime rates and stipulations vary. Please inquire if applicable.

📌For Mascots, Easter Bunny, Swimming mermaids or Santa & Holiday Rates please inquire.